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What Is Jestina Howard Known For?

I'm known as the "Makeup Guru" because just about everyone under the moon asks me for beauty advice!

I'm known for having careers in the beauty and fashion industries for over 20 years.

I'm known for my signature makeup style, which is  all about enhancing a person's face and bringing out their best features with my makeup tricks, tools and techniques.

I creating natural, clean, polished and stylish makeup applications focusing mainly on beauty makeup. My applications are diverse - from natural, classic, Hollywood glamourous  to trendy looks.


My Motto

"Do what you love, the rest will come."



I want to make people aware of how to enhance their look with cosmetics, which in turn will make them feel and look great.

I want to create awareness about lung disease, which kills more people than any other disease worldwide.

A percentage of Aware Cosmetics annual product sales is donated to the American Lung Association of the Southeast to help aid in education and research.

Jestina Howard



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